A Little Bit Of Carolyn Gotti's Life

Carolyn Gotti was born in Brooklyn, New York on August 15. She was married to the brother of John Gotti for many years and has 4 sons. Early in her marriage, she and her husband moved to California to pursue a dream. She was involved with the rich and famous of Hollywood and talks about her life among celebrities in her book. Here is some information that will be covered in the book:

+ + +The story of Caroline Gotti from Brooklyn to Hollywood+ + +

The GOTTI Connection

…..will be about her guts, her courage, her unrelenting love in the face of a tragic childhood and adulthood; a kindergarten dropout who is bright and witty, life as a 5 year-old prostitute, eating from garbage cans, sleeping at night on the pews of a church, leader of a gang, putting a gun to a man’s head and pulling the trigger, prison or psychiatric ward? meeting and marrying the Gotti boy, losing a son, life from Brooklyn to Hollywood, life among the rich and famous, mother of 4, from 450lbs to anorexic and back up again, losing 250 lbs. not once but twice in recovery, dead on arrival, what she learned about herself from psychiatrists and therapists, degenerate gambler, alcoholic, addict, cutter, life in a Malibu rehab and much much more….find out what she carried in her pocket since childhood that kept her alive and helped her kick the demons within.