Carolyn Gotti: from the streets of Brooklyn

Carolyn has come a long way from the streets of Brooklyn. When I asked her why she was kicked out of kindergarten, she said she punched the teacher because the teacher had locked her in the closet and left her there for hours. So she pretty much went nuts when the door was finally opened. She remembers their mom sending them to school with dirty clothes and bugs crawling on their head. Mom also gave her sister Claudette sleeping pills at the age of 8 so she wouldn’t get fat…I said “that’s abuse”. She said nothing was done about child abuse back then. “We were undesirable” she said. But she did attend some Catholic school off and on. She also remembers seeing a social worker as a kid once or twice, but the dog bit her and she never returned after that. “Jesus got me through everything” says Carolyn. He also kept Alexander safe as he fell out of a 4th story window one time. “He was smiling the whole way down” she said, and “he wasn’t even hurt- not even a scratch on him.” He just missed the picket fence. Though Carolyn believed Jesus protected her, she also had to do some bad things to survive. She says, “Thank God for those Sears trucks.” After robbing the truck, she would sell the merchandise. “I could get you anything…curtains, sheets, socks, irons, and whatever I had I would give to others…I would give my girlfriends stockings…but I never stole from a person or from a house.” She also remembers stealing newspapers and trying to sell them with her friends on board the train, but they didn’t sell. Many years later, when her father apologized for the hurt he caused, he told her he had been sending money to his mother, after he left the family, for their support, but Carolyn says “mom never spent it on us.”

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