About The Book

Everyone has a story to tell, but her story would help many in the throes of despair. Many a psychiatrist has marveled at the fact that she is not in a mental institution, federal prison or dead. 

The Gotti Connection is about Carolyn Gotti, married to the late John Gotti’s brother, for 38 years. It is her journey from Brooklyn to Hollywood, a shocking and terrifying yet courageous tale that will uplift, encourage and make you laugh. 

Various persons attempted to write The Book. Some famous Hollywood producers who had never written a book, made an attempt. They, of course, were not that interested in a book but wanted the rights to the movie, they foresaw. Carolyn was driven to their Bel Air home on several occasions, but it didn’t work out.

An author who was also a doctor asked to write it and tried, but Carolyn felt very uncomfortable with the results because it was really about the doctor with a little of Carolyn thrown in there.

As a Gotti, she has been afforded various opportunities, but it seemed that no one really “got her.” Yes, she was married to John Gotti’s brother and she would share her experiences as a Gotti, but she did not want another “I Marrried the Mob” book. This was never her intention. Besides, she and her husband had moved to California early in their marriage, where they co-owned a restaurant for many years.

Her heart has always been in helping people and giving them the secret she carried in her pocket from a very young age. She has found for her, that it is the answer to all of life’s problems. And problems there will be, no matter who you are. Yes, she has suffered more than most, but her attitude has never changed. She could be filled with hate and bitterness, but she only has love in her heart for others and hope for a brighter future.

That future is now.

Well after several attempts as noted above, Carolyn asked someone she’d known for many many years, if she would write The Book. After thinking about it for way too long, she said yes. And so the journey begins.

The book will be written in the first person as if Carolyn is speaking. “Being the leader of a gang ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. All it means is you get hit first.”

She has gotten positive responses in her attempt to procure an agent. It is in the proposal stage and soon, it will be presented to several publishing houses. We are hoping it will be in bookstores soon.

to be continued……